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lesson 1:cost

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lesson 1:cost Empty lesson 1:cost

Post by _mc_ on Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:29 am

To start with, first of all 'costs' and 'card effects' are different things.I see many people mix up costs with card effects.Even if a card effect is negated the cost isn't, so u need to pay the cost.Because in order to activate ur card u pay the cost first so it isn't negated. In-short costs are activation requirements, which are requirements that must be met in order to activate a card or effect.Cost may be in various forms: paying life points, discarding, Tributing, banishing, or detaching a card(s) or even sending cards to the graveyard.(NOTE: 'Sending a card from the hand' and 'discarding' aren't the same).Many archetypes like shaddols requires to be sent to the grave with a card effect for its effects, Dark worlds need to be discarded from hand by a card effect.So which means they dont get their effect when they r sent to the graveyard as a cost or when they are discarded as a cost.(e.g. Magical stone excavation requires too discards for its activation, so if dark world monsters are discarded by it, then u do not get the dark world monsters's effects.likewise, shaddols also do not get their effect when they are tributed by wonder wand,because the tribute is a cost.)But do not mix up cards which does not say, that it needs to be sent to the graveyard by a card effect, with such cards.Like Burning abyss does not require a card effect.It gets its effects whenever they r sent to the grave ,either by a card effect or by a cost,it doesn't really matter in this case.

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